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November 15, 2011 / occupyfrederick

November 19th General Assembly

The November 19th general assembly will be held at 5:00pm at the Frederick All Saint Episcopal church, located at 106 West Church St, Frederick, MD 21701. Look for Occupy Frederick at the North Court street entrance, Occupy Frederick will be upstairs in the Parish Hall.

A general assembly (GA) is a consensus based decision making model. It’s simple: 1 person, 1 vote. Together we will decide the future of the local movement.
For flyers for the event

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  1. Chris Herz / Nov 17 2011 2:40 am

    I have done my duty and with my own funds downloaded and distributed 200 of the half-page flyer. I chose to deploy these with the personnel of the businesses with which I work in the construction and other local industry. Also among the commuters at the MARC station at Monocacy Bottom and the employees and patrons of the Common Market.

    We all hope for a good turn out this Saturday, 5pm at the All Saints Episcopal Church hall on the first block of North Court Street, opposite the M&T Bank.

    Now I want to qualify my welcome to the Libertarians and the Tea Party and corporate media personalities present at our first General Assembly.
    The reason I am interested in OWS not these other organizations is that I reject the classism, sexism and racism endemic in all American conservative manifestations. I am happy that people hitherto mislead by these groups and their billionaire funders feel the need to meet with us and to learn from us. But anyone feeling much respect for a constitutional order regularly ignored by its own officials, those sworn by the most solemn oaths to protect and defend it does indeed have more to learn from us than we from them.

    I call, and my friends call on the forthcoming General Assembly to consider that even extralegal methods to oppose evictions and foreclosures may now be just and justified. This due to a massively unfair system which cannot provide to at least one-quarter of us simple employment, let alone the funds needful to maintain a civil existence, to occupy shelter from the coming winter. Truly, if we are to occupy anything at all this must be our own homes.

    Please may we earnestly debate this matter in the forthcoming Assembly?

    Chris Herz
    301 371 6134

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