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November 18, 2011 / occupyfrederick

Protesters Take To the Streets in Down Town Frederick

We wanna shout out to Move On – who we’re the actual organizers of the rally.  We did not organize this, as claimed by the gazette.

Protesters armed with posters stood in front of Merrill Lynch on East Patrick Street in downtown Frederick today, shouting their disgust at the financial firm as part of a day of similar gatherings around the country.

Several dozens of people started the day singing and shouting at the intersection of Market and Patrick streets as “Occupy Frederick” before moving to Merrill Lynch.

read full article here

Frederick rally held in solidarity with nationwide Occupy Wall Street protests

Like protesters in cities and towns across the country, more than a couple dozen residents turned out Thursday in downtown Frederick to show their allegiance to the fledgling Occupy Wall Street movement.

Fed up with what they described as a floundering American dream made manifest in unbounded corporate greed, an under-regulated, over-compensated American financialindustry, rampant militarism and political corruption, the protesters held up placards to express their dismany at the status quo and sang spiritual hymns as drivers passing by occasionaly honked their car horns at the corner of Market and Patrick streets.

you can read the full article here


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