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December 5, 2011 / occupyfrederick

Notes From Last Night’s GA

meeting notes

Working groups that were passed.

  • Outreach
  • Support
  • Support for Unemployed march in DC
  • Environmental Justice
  • Protest at Bechtel
  • Action Working group

Outreach: (Ryan) Other working groups should contact us if they’d like help outreaching or doing media at an action or event. We are going to outreach through press releases; the google group; social media; general media; and reaching out to community groups we are member of. Send an email to (with the subject outreach).

Support Bigger Occupations: (Gary) In the event that there is no Frederick occupation, there will be support of other occupations in the area. (Tony) We will be bringing grilled cheese to Freedom Plaza to feed people. We will be going this upcoming Sunday and every Sunday after that. The cutoff for donating food / money or volunteering to go to DC and help is Friday. If you have donations or want to help contact Tony (240-674-5743)

Support for unemployed: (Vivian) “Unemployed Workers” Organization with petitions for unemployment insurance will be holding a protest on the day of Thursday, December, 8th in DC. Cars from frederick are going, and please contact Vivian (210-845-4173) if you are interested in attending.

Environmental Justice: (Jeannette) We’d like to plan actions beginning in mid january. We are interested in Nitrogen Runoff into the Chesapeake, the Incinerator, and Wind Energy. More information later.

  • There was a discussion about economic injustice and
  • environmentalism / fort deterick / and localism vs globalism.

Send an email to (with the subject environmental justice)

Forclosures: (Ken) We want to look at other occupy groups working on this and see in what ways they were successful. Compile a list of foreclosures and reach out. Send an email to (with the subject foreclosures)

Protest @ Bechtel: (Jim) Bechtel is the ‘poster child’ for corporate involvement in our government. We should educate the public about what corporations such as Bechtel are doing. Discussed a march to Bechtel. Send an email to (with the subject outreach)

‘Action’ Group: (Dylan) There will be a meeting this Wednesday @ 8PM @ 4 East Church Street (Peace Resource Center) for anyone who is interested in physically camping out / occupying. If you or anyone you know are interested in occupying, please tell them about the meeting. There was a discussion about location, permits, and if there will be a rotating group of occupiers.  Send an email to (with the subject action) We still need legal, logistics, and medical worked out.

Next General Assembly will be sometime next weekend, preferably Friday or Saturday. 

That will be an important meeting where people discuss where/when/how the occupation or other actions will begin, and what initiatives we  will support. Bring your Friends!!

Thanks to Lillian for Facilitating, Jeannette for taking stack, and

Alexis for taking notes!

Video of the GA

Part 1:

Part 2:



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  1. Jennifer / Dec 5 2011 5:42 pm

    The videos of the GA have been taken down. 😦

    • occupyfrederick / Dec 5 2011 7:24 pm

      we will, bring them back in the near future, but thank you for letting us now

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