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January 17, 2012 / occupyfrederick

Occupy Our Homes Foreclosure Event

Saturday February 4th, 2012

At the Hillcrest Community Center
1150 Orchard Terrace
in Frederick, MD

Guest speakers and legal experts

Stop by between 9am-7pm
Potluck event bring a dish!

8.5×11 flyer


Facebook event



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  1. I occupy my own home / Jan 26 2012 4:54 pm

    I personally bought a home that I could afford under the terms I could afford. Several of my surrounding neighbors have been foreclosed upon. I do not see any houses boarded up. In fact, once these homes are bought by responsible individuals, the neighborhood actually improves. I do not support trying to stop evictions and foreclosures for people that cannot pay their bills. This is America. We are supposed to work our way through life, not be handed everything on a silver platter. I work every day to pay for what I have. I dont’ expect hand outs and I don’t expect to have to give them all the time either.


  1. Natinal Occupy Foreclosure news | Occupy Bremerton

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