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Foreclosure Info in our Area

Foreclosure Map in Our Area

Over 3000 homes have been in some sort of foreclosure in the past 9 months in Frederick county. The dominate narrative in Frederick County, is that foreclosures aren’t an issue here, that the crisis is else where. We believe this is wrong. The crisis is every where.

According to Realty Trac Frederick County is on the top of Maryland when it comes to foreclosures. The issue is as clear as day and night. Our community has been hard hit by the financial crisis, and this is why it’s important for there to be an #occupy here.

Frederick is in the Belly of the beast so to speak. We’re right next to the nations capital but all we reep of it is sprawl from Montgomery county.

Maryland Politics have always been dominated by developers, a matter of fact we have a developer on the BOCC as well as folks calling for more growth and development in Frederick County.

Will more homes solve our Economic problems? No, it won’t, but beginning to switch to a local economy that puts people over profit will.

Let’s talk about economics 101 for a second, building more homes will not increase the demand, when you increase the supply without a demand. Prices will drop. For the BOCC, I found this chart, I hope it makes things clear for you.

Any ways, the future of the exurbs are in question, read about it in the New York Times

Over all, only 12 percent of future homebuyers want the drivable suburban-fringe houses that are in such oversupply, according to the Realtors survey. This lack of demand all but guarantees continued price declines. Boomers selling their fringe housing will only add to the glut. Nothing the federal government can do will reverse this

If you want to attract new residents to Frederick County fine, keep it from being an awful place to live. Frederick county, is a beautiful place, we have super pretty mountains, the Potomac river and a good down town area.


  • Well over 3,000 foreclosures in Frederick.
  • A bank bailout that benefited the big wall street banks.
  • make Frederick county work for the 99%–not rich developers, who bought
    political office.


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  1. Andrea Rea / Jun 13 2012 3:44 am

    I’d like to attend the conference or town meeting June 23 at All Saints Episcopal Church.

  2. John Doe / Jul 9 2012 3:05 pm

    The spraw is and always has been about the economic increase. The problem here is not the spraw, the problem is the economic structure itself. We cannot sustain a system that is based on a debt instrument such as a Federal Reserve Note. These “notes” are debt instruments as all notes are under Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). These notes need substance to be created substance like the good faith and CREDIT of the American people. So if the American people create the “money” or debt instrument by a pledge of energy known as labor which is authorized by your every single signature on every transaction a person makes, how can a bank lend you “money”, or paper notes, when it’s you who created it in the first place? These are the questions that need to be asked not questions of a weak or sluggish economy. Question the economic structure as a whole and who owns it…yes who owns it, because there is a definite owner to the world debt based economy. There is no lawful money here because the only lawful money is gold and silver according to the Constitution which is the supreme law of the land. There is only debt, that’s why houses are in foreclosure. Every mortgage or deed of trust says right on the front page “The loan is evidenced by the note”. So where is the note? Not a copy, which is counterfeiting if a bank decides to make a copy of your note, but the real wet ink signature note. There is no contract in a Mortgage/deed of trust. There is only one signature on the documents and it’s usually the supposed buyer who signs, there is no signature from the bank or any of its agents solidifying the contract. Not to mention, a deed of trust is not a real deed and never ever conveys property such as a warranty deed so how do they claim right to your land if they never produce a note and show that there was any money loaned. They loaned you debt and called it money and they have a deed of trust on the account not the land. So the bank jumps in bed with the court, the court orders the Sheriff, who is the only real law on the land, to come remove you from the property that no one owns so that the bank can now take possession. Possession is nine tenths of the law so the bank uses force and scare tactics to remove people and then they take possession when they never had a right to any of it in the first place. So if you have a group of people at your home on foreclosure day, they will have to arrest all of you and physically remove you which you then have a right to sue for civil charges under 42 USC which is a color of law violation. But in that case you must go against more corrupt judges and attorneys so no matter how you look at it, it’s a corrupt system entirely so the battle will always be tough but it can be won.

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